My husband and I have been married for 32 years and have two lovely grown daughters, Virginia and Christina. I raise and show Chinese Crested dogs and my husband works and in his spare time makes Ringside tables and legs to teach dogs to stack etc. I was  a 4-H dog leader for over 10 years. My heart is taken by my family of two legged and 4 legged loves. I have a wonderful mentor in  Chinese Cresteds,  Grace Westerson of Sunberry Kennels .






This is Vernon the Man behind all three of us. Vern is always the one to support our dogs, and help out where ever needed. He likes people to think he doesn't like dogs. He can be found taking a break with them or building the dogs something new. He also builds Stacking blocks, ringside tables and grooming tables. I will say you will catch him playing with the puppies/dogs and spoiling them. We are really lucky in hour Home we all love dogs and this home is a home because of it. The only problem we have with him at shows sometimes is he believes always that the girls should win. He is a great helper at shows but never will be seen in the show ring. This isn't his thing. That is alright as all three of us love it.


Our two daughters love dogs too but they donít agree on my breed for themselves.



I am Virginia Eckstein (Jenna). I have graduated from College and have two jobs. I have had the best luck in the world. I had the pleasure of meeting Maureen Whitter of Rapture Shih Tzuís. She taught me everything I know. She took me under her wing and taught me about grooming, showing, and sold me a wonderful Show quality Shih Tzu. She also introduced me to lots of wonderful people. Maureen treated me like one of the family. I have now got my first litter of Shih Tzuís this is my breeding. I love the grooming and doing the top knots for the show ring. I will make sure I always have my dogs look good in the ring as I know Maureen is looking down on me and is my guardian angel. Virginia is now Married and taking a break from the dogs while she gets her life organizes and read to show again.




I am Christina Eckstein. I have just graduated from School. I have been in 4-H dogs for 7 years. I am working at Fields as an Assistant Manager until they close down all the stores plus I also am going to Collage for some upgrading so I can get a better job. I help as much as I can with the dogs. I work at some shows for Les of Tedy publishing as I enjoy all facets of the showing world and the people, dogs and all that come along with it. I miss the showing life. I will be back at it.

I would like to thank all the wonderful people for the learning opportunities of how to show Siberian Huskies. I would also like to thank Sheila and Pierre Lematre for the opportunity to show their Siberians. I was given the wonderful opportunity to have my own bundle of joy.  I have Cat who is ďLematreís The Catís Meow.Ē Thank you so much Sheila and Pierre. I have been so lucky that my Mom and Dad have let me have the breed that I love.


Stephanie Eckstein

Agassiz BC. Canada

(604) 796-2469